The single, biggest benefit of hiring a trainer is motivation. I'm the one who provides you with structure, direction, accountability and guidelines speicifically designed for your ability level and with your fitness goals in mind. I can keep you focussed on your results and assist you in improving your technical skills. Not only will you gain strength and lose fat more quickly, but you will do it safely and with an understanding of what you are doing along the way. If you want to break past that plateau, train for an event, are stuck in the same old routine, or just need to start a routine - Don’t go at it alone. Let’s get moving!




This class allows you to feel like you are on a bicycle without having to worry about the weather or safety issues that riding on the open road brings. In addition to offering aerobic exercise, it also improves the muscle tone of your hips, buttocks and thighs.


In these cycling classes I attempt to replicate more closely the experience of on-road biking. The pedal action and resistance does differ some from what a beginner would experience with a regular stationary bike. I teach on the Keiser M3.


Using varied levels of intensity, guided imagery, and up beat tunes we burn a lot of calories while having a lot of fun. See if you can guess the music theme & wear your toque!  


Call the Energy Centre to Register: 780.639.6400 or online at



Exercise in the comfort of your own home by selecting from a wide range of the industry's top workout programs. It's as easy as pushing play on your DvD and is extra nice when the weather isn't. These videos are my personal "go-to". As your Team Beachbody Coach I'll help match you to the best products and nutritional supplements based on you fitness level, life-style and time available. I will even come do the workout with you. Whether new to exercise, an edgy athlete needing somehing new or someone looking to rehabilitate, there is a program to help you out. Top names include p90x, Insanity, T-25, Slim in 6, Turbo Fire, 10minute trainer and The 21day Fix!. Challenge Packs also include a meal plan and 30day supply of Shakeolgy - "The healthies meal of the day'" Click here to view & compare progrmas! 



The perfect solution for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time. In just 30 minutes participants challenge their core and muscular strength, cardiovascular fitness, balance, flexability and coordination. This 1 to 5 person circuit system is open to those at all ability levels. Burn 40% more calories than you would in a regular 1hr. step or floor areobics class. You wont be sorry, maybe just a bit sore.



Each year there are several locally well organized events for you to step into. Don't miss the Run for Ronald, and Canada Day Fun Run which I host! Walking and running are among the best aerobic exercises and great stress-relievers. Many enjoy reaching the “runner’s high” — that euphoric, clear, and calm state they feel after a long run. Running helps you lose weight and increase your stamina. As a weight-bearing exercise, it also increases bone density, which can fend off osteoporosis. Many participate because they like to socialize, be part of a community and help the cause. These are family friendly events with distance options for all. 

Let me help you start and finish!


Cold Lake is a 4 seasons playground. Options are endless for activity whether outdoors or not. I'm your exercise partner. We can walk or run the trails or do laps inside at the track. Let's ski, hike, swim, bike, skate, kayak, rollerblade, try the climbing wall, pop in an exercise video or drop into a new fitness class together. I often have a reward in mind for after. I'm also a member of many athletic groups and will not only particiapate with you for accounability and encouragement but connect you to other like minded people. I work within your scope of abilty, goals and interests. Most competitoin is really just against yourself, even in a team type format. Sometimes a handfull of us will sign up for an event and retreat for a weekend or more. Ask me what's next for exercise adventures this year.